A three-day package for people entering an old car but not staying at Hilton/Hampton.

A 3-day PLAN B Adult is $98, and a PLAN B Senior Citizen (66+) is $88 by August 15. Senior Discount only available for pre-registrations by 8/15, not available at the event.

The PLAN B Package entitles the car owner to enter his or her old car Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It includes two adult weekend wristbands plus wristbands for kids in car under 18. Additional adult wristbands (3rd, 4th, etc) are $30 each if ordered in advance by August 15. Children under 18 in the car are Free.

Pre-Registered PLAN B cars have the option or Reserving a parking spot ($50) in Kraft B Lot or Daiichi C lot. Pre-registered B’s get in several hours earlier (3:00 PM Fri.) than on-site B registered cars (5:00 PM) but as always this is subject to approval by Property Management Company that oversees use of this business.

All Plan B’s (Pre-reg’s and on-site) who do not reserve a spot in advance will be given a Party Pass in a plastic bag. There is no additional charge for this since the Pre-Regged cars have already reserved their spots. Put your name on the Party Pass, put it back in the plastic bag to protect it from bad weather. Pick an open spot of your choice in the Kraft B or Daiichi C lot (not in Hilton A lot) that does not already have a party pass taped in place. Tape your party pass in your spot for the weekend. Only LEAD EAST offers this convenience to car owners so they can cruise a lap or go home at night and come back to find their spot has not been occupied by another car.

All non-Pre-Registered Plan B cars come to Registration starting at 5:00 PM Friday, NOT BEFORE!