For owners of old cars on display that have a hotel room reserved at the Hilton or Hampton Inn for a minimum of four nights (Thurs.-Sun.).

The Hilton and Hampton Inn will be sold out, but there are still a few rooms left. One PLAN A (old car only) parking space available per hotel room.

A 4 or 5-day PLAN A Adult is $97, and a PLAN A Senior Citizen is $87 by August 15. All PLAN A car entries include one old car, weekend wristbands for two adults, and driver's kids inside the car under 18. PLAN A entry is not included with hotel room price, but a hotel reservation enables you the right to apply for a PLAN A Package. Senior Discount only available for pre-registrations by 8/15.

PLAN A is a 4-day or 5-day package depending upon if you have a hotel room reserved starting Wednesday or Thursday night. You do not have to enter an old car to buy a hotel room at the Hilton/Hampton. If you are a spectator without an old car, but with a hotel room at Hilton/Hampton, you do have to buy a weekend wristband for each person to come and enjoy the party.

Reserving a hotel room DOES NOT entitle you entry to our five-day 50‘s Party/Festival — you need to purchase a PLAN A package for your car and wristbands, or purchase Weekend Spectator wristbands.